The Banana Patch is for one person only. Perfect for one seeking personal quiet/rest time, to explore Hawai'i and work remotely.
The 12x12 cottage is intimately nestled in a grove of banana trees. Hear & feel the winds, the rain dancing on the tin roof, the cascading leaves, the coqui frogs, and the falling "torpedo" avocados & ripe mangoes, when in season.

The single occupant sleeps on a bamboo frame bed. There is a comfy reading chair for enjoying the wide variety of books & magazines available, and a desk to keep a daily journey when arising early with the coming of the early morning light.

The propane shower & toilet are in an adjacent building, and shared if there is a guest in the Mango Tree Cottage hidden next door. A kitchenette adjacent to the Banana Patch Cottage has a gas stove, small fridge, pots, tea kettle and dishes.

Return to simple naturalness. Calm & settle the soul.

Just 15 miles north of Hilo along the luscious Hamakua coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Minimum 7 night stay.
2 weeks or longer: 15% discount
1 month (28 days) or longer: 45% discount

High speed WiFi: 44 MBPS for remote work
$40 additional WiFi fee for month-long-stay guests


A Time & Place for Personal Retreat

“Everyone benefits immeasurably from a personal retreat- a time and place for living simply, breathing deeply and letting go of all worry so understanding and compassion flower. I can happily recommend Akiko’s Buddhist Bed & Breakfast located on the Big Island inWailea Village north of Hilo.

As you page thru Akiko’s lush and inviting website http://akikosbnb.com of Old Hawaii, imagine the songs of birds, the scent of flowers, the constant play of sun and showers, the bells of mindfulness ringing quietly to guide your breathing .

Garry Wyckoff , Seattle Washington

Simple, Supremely Natural